Use 02 Taksi during business hours

Our national network of taxis and reliable rides are now easily available to users who often travel by taxi in their work.

Order through the app

Call 020230

1,91 €/per call + 0,059 €/sec (lnc/mpc)

Order by phone

1,91 €/per call + 0,059 €/sec (lnc/mpc)

Send your receipts directly to accounting

We want to make work-related taxi rides effortless. The 02 Taksi app allows you to easily distinguish between business and private trips, set up a payment card for business use and add advance bookings to your work calendar.

Most importantly, you can say goodbye to paper receipts! You can automatically direct your electronic taxi receipts to your bookkeeper or to the travel invoice systems of eTasku, Bezala or M2. You can enable this feature by paying for your bookings in advance in the 02 Taksi app.

The 02 Taksi app allows you to find reliable taxi companies in one place and choose your preferred ride. 02 Taksi is your own personal business taxi.

02 Taksi takes part in offsetting the adverse effects of emissions caused by traffic

Travelling is necessary but emissions can be controlled

We want to protect the environment, which is why we’re taking part in offsetting traffic-related emissions. When you book a ride using the 02 Taksi app, you don’t need to worry about your taxi emissions. Work-related taxi trips booked via 02 Taksi have green tyre tracks.

The emissions of our partner company rides have been offset

We offset all the emissions for the rides of our partner companies ordered through the 02 Taksi booking channels. The compensation is carried out in cooperation with Nordic Offset Oy, and the emissions calculation is done by Tampere University’s Transport Research Centre Verne.

Read more about how environmental responsibility is taken into consideration in 02 Taksi’s operations.

02 Taksi for business users

Business trips with the same app

Plan your journey and select your preferred taxi company from our reliable partners. By adding a company profile to the app, you can define the purpose of the taxi trip as well as the payment method as you make your booking.

Keep private and business use separate

Your order history will conveniently distinguish between private and business bookings and electronic receipts. Stop stressing about losing your taxi receipts.

Send receipts directly to accounting

You can automatically direct your digital taxi receipts to your bookkeeper or to the most commonly used travel invoice systems. Forget about the monthly scanning of paper documents!

Add advance bookings to your calendar

You can book your ride to an important meeting or to the airport in advance. The app allows you to conveniently save the prebooked taxi journeys to your phone’s calendar.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can send us an email or submit a call-back request.

Miten lisään 02 Taksiin yritysprofiilin?

Voit lisätä yritysprofiilin 02 Taksi -sovelluksessa oman profiilisi asetuksista. Yritysprofiilillesi lisätään nimi, oletusmaksutapa ja sähköpostiosoite kuitteja varten. 

How do I add a business profile in the 02 Taksi application?

You can add a business profile by accessing your profile settings. You business profile will include a name, a default payment method and an email address for electronic receipts.

Can I change the type of ride I have booked to personal or business after making a booking?

It is not possible to change the trip type after making a booking. If you wish, you may forward the receipt you received by email to another email address.

Can the default payment method be different for personal and business use?

Yes. You can change the payment method in your personal or company profile.

Will I get a receipt for all taxi trips?

You will receive an electronic receipt for bookings that you have paid in advance using the application. The electronic receipts can be found in your order history. If you pay for your ride in car, you will receive a receipt from the driver.

Can I export a pre-booking to my calendar?

Yes. You can add a pre-booking to your calendar after the booking has been confirmed.

Can I add a reference for a business trip?

Yes you can. You can add the reference when making the booking, before confirming the order.

Will my order history show which of my rides have been business trips?

The rides are divided into personal and business trips in the order history.

I didn’t receive the receipt in my email, what should I do?

First, make sure you typed your email correctly. Then check your email spam folder. If you can’t find the receipt, you can resend it by accessing your order history. Please note that electronic receipts are available only for rides you have paid for in the app.

How do I select between a private or business ride?

You can choose the trip type before confirming your booking.

What payment methods can a company profile include?

Company profiles support Visa and MasterCard debit and credit card, American Express credit card, Apple Pay or MobilePay as the payment method.

Can I pay for my taxi ride with an invoice?

Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to pay for a taxi ride with an invoice. The easiest way to pay for a business trip is to set up a business profile for your company. Having a business profile will allow you to forward the receipt you receive by email to your accountant, for example.

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