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02 Taksi allows you to easily compare taxi companies and select the ride that’s right for you, in addition to which it also saves you money. The app or telephone service always provides you with the taxi fares or fixed price for a taxi ride. The personal, quick and professional telephone customer service allows you to find the best ride and gives you value for your money.

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1,25 € /per call + 0,049 € / sec (lnc/mpc)

Taxi fares – journey at a fixed price

When you use 02 Taksi to book your taxi, you can specify your pickup and drop-off address to always get a fixed price for your ride. If several partner companies offer the same ride, you can easily compare their fixed prices. You always know how much your trip is going to cost before getting in the car.

The fixed price includes the trip from the specified pickup location to the specified destination. The fixed price does not include stopovers or instances where the driver has to wait for you for more than 2 minutes. These situations are charged separately according to the taxi company’s price list.

You can also get a fixed price for pre-bookings or when ordering an airport taxi.


You can pay your driver directly either with card or cash. In addition, you can pay for the fixed priced rides of selected partners directly in the app by using a card, Apple Pay, MobilePay or earned credits.

In-app prices

02 Taksi forwards the price information it receives from the taxi companies to the customer with no extra charge. Customers can download and use the app to make a booking free of charge. The taxi fares of various companies can be found in the app.

Call prices

Calls to the 02 Taksi service number 020230 are subject to a charge of €1.25 per call + €0.049 per second. The prices include VAT (24%). We aim to take care of business quickly and efficiently, which is why no service fee will be charged for 020230 calls after 90 seconds. The call price includes call transfer and text message information. Your own operator will charge you for a local network fee or mobile phone call for the time you spend on queue and for the duration of the call.

Compare example fares for taxies

According to a regulation by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, taxi companies are required to have the fare for an example journey on display. You can compare the example fares of taxi companies here (in Finnish).

The price of the call includes call transfer and the sending of information via SMS

If a call is transferred to a company or service number that is subject to a charge, the transferred call will be charged according to the applicable rate for that number. Calls transferred via the 02 Taksi service are not included in the calling plan of your subscription.

Call recording

We will record your call in order to ensure the rights of the involved parties. We use the recordings to improve the quality and expertise of our customer service and to prevent fraudulent conduct. The recordings are made in a secure manner in accordance with the GDPR and other acts. The recordings are not used for any other purpose and they are not disclosed to third parties. The call recordings will only be processed by authorised people bound by professional secrecy.

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