02 Taksi Pro – quick and easy taxi bookings for companies

Designed to simplify company tasks, the 02 Taksi Pro service provides a quick and user-friendly way of making taxi bookings. Start using the service in a matter of minutes!
02 Taksi Pro is a browser-based taxi booking service for companies, accessible on both mobile and desktop devices. The service lets you choose between reliable local taxi companies when booking rides for your employees or customers. The service connects you with passenger cars, taxi vans and minibuses. You can make your booking immediately or prebook a ride as needed. Booking a taxi is only a few clicks away!

02 Taksi Pro makes booking taxis easy

02 Taksi Prolla tilaat taksin parilla painalluksella

Book with just two clicks

02 Taksi Pro makes booking a taxi quick and easy and allows your company to focus on what matters – serving your customers.
02 Taksi Pro toimii kaikkialla Suomessa

Nationwide service

02 Taksi Pro is available across Finland, allowing you to use the service at all your business locations. Make your taxi bookings more efficient by saving the details of your various business venues.
02 Taksi Prolla varmistat asiakkaillesi hyvän asiakaskokemuksen

Ensure a good customer experience

Count on us to deliver a consistently high-quality taxi ride that enhances your customers’ positive experience.
02 Taksi Pron avulla seuraat tilauksiasi helposti

Track your bookings in one view

02 Taksi Pro offers a comprehensive view of all your bookings, allowing you to keep track of them effortlessly in one place.
02 Taksi Pron käyttö on maksutonta

Use free of charge

Use of the service and its features are free of charge for client companies. To access the service, just register as a user!

02 Taksi Prolla tilaat taksin ennakkoon

Effortless prebooking

We empower you to make prebookings up to a month in advance, allowing you to plan ahead and secure your ride in good time.

Here’s how to register on 02 Taksi Pro

1. Go to pro.02taksi.fi and select the Register link.
2. Fill in your user details.
3. Confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the email message you receive.
4. Fill in the details of your business venue to save time on booking taxis in the future.
5. All done!

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