Nationwide taxi service - The easiest way to book a taxi

Easily find reliable taxi companies in one place and select your preferred ride on your phone. 02 Taksi re-establishes your trust in taxi travel.

Order through the app

Call 020230

1,91 €/per call + 0,059 €/sec (lnc/mpc)

Call 020230

The easiest way to book a taxi

02 Taksi is nationwide taxi service. Easily find reliable taxi companies in one place and select your preferred ride on your phone. 02 Taksi re-establishes your trust in taxi travel.

A charge of 1,91 €/per call + 0,059 €/sec (lnc/mpc) will be applied for calling the 02 Taksi service number 020230.

Bringing together reliable and reputable taxi companies in one place, 02 Taksi is an independent and transparent service for booking and comparing taxis.

Our goal is to re-establish the Finnish people’s trust in taxi travel by making it easier to book a reliable taxi and by offering neutral comparisons of taxi rides.

Taxis across Finland

You will be transported by more than 50 domestic taxi companies throughout Finland

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Nationwide service

We provide a multi-channel service – you can reach Finnish taxis through our app or by phone.

020230 – Call where and whenever you want

Our telephone service can be reached at 020230, and it is available 24/7 every day of the year. Call whenever you want and let Finland’s best customer service find you a lift anywhere in Finland.

We can also help you with advance bookings if you want to prebook a taxi to the airport, for example. You can also book a taxi by calling 02022 02022.

Tell us your wish

Our telephone service provides you with quick and personal service. We can book your taxi from any of our partner companies and, if necessary, also transfer your call to the taxi company in case you have have special wishes related to your journey.

Service through our app

The 02 Taksi app features dozens of reliable Finnish taxi companies. Booking a taxi is possible using one app across Finland – more than 95 % of Finns are already covered by the app. Taxi travel has never been easier!

The app allows you to prebook a taxi a maximum of 7 days and a minimum of 30 minutes before the pickup time.

No available taxis?

If no vehicles are available when you try to make a booking, you can queue your booking and wait for the next available car. The queueing service is available when we believe there will soon be a car available in your area.

Travel worry-free

Our experience from millions of taxi rides ensures guaranteed quality and safe rides for you.

Käsittelemme kaikki palautteet

Your safety is important to us

We work closely with taxi companies and handle feedback on an individual ride basis.

Meillä on tuhansia erilaisia autoja

Over 8000 cars

Our wide selection of cars ensures you get the ride you prefer, anytime and anywhere.

Yli miljoona tilausta vuodessa

Over a million orders per year

Our extensive experience ensures that we are a reliable partner on the road.

The convenient taxi app for Finland

Taxi app

Compare and set a fixed price for your taxi

Our app allows you to make comparisons and select the quickest, most affordable or best-rated taxi.

Taxi app


Book a taxi – right away or in advance

02 Taksi makes it easy to book a taxi in all situations. Make your booking when it best suits you.

Taxis everywhere in Finland


Use 02 Taksi across Finland

Book a taxi through 02 Taksi wherever you are.

Download the app for free

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Order a taxi anywhere in Finland

Helsingin tuomiokirkko

Taxi quickly in Helsinki

Order a taxi in Helsinki. The ride ordered via 02 Taksi arrives quickly!


Taxi quickly in Turku

Order a taxi in Turku. You can find all the largest taxi companies in Turku at 02 Taksi!

Tampereen Näsinneula

Taxi quickly in Tampere

Order a taxi in Tampere. 02 Taksi offers the most comprehensive selection of reliable taxi companies in Tampere!

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