A taxi app that allows you to compare and book rides in no time

Do you want to compare different taxi companies? Would you like to know the exact price of your ride before getting in your taxi? Or do you just want to get where you need to be as quickly as you can?

The 02 Taksi app is exactly what you need!

Download the free app!

The convenient taxi app for Finland

Taxi app

Compare and set a fixed price for your taxi

Our app allows you to make comparisons and select the quickest, most affordable or best-rated taxi.

Taxi app


Book a taxi – right away or in advance

02 Taksi makes it easy to book a taxi in all situations. Make your booking when it best suits you.

Taxis everywhere in Finland


Use 02 Taksi across Finland

Book a taxi through 02 Taksi wherever you are.

Download the app for free

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02 Taksi is an easy-to-use, free taxi application

The app features dozens of reliable Finnish taxi companies. It allows you to quickly and easily book a taxi across Finland.

You can use the app to compare the taxi companies in your area. Do you always look for the best price, base your decision on how fast the car will arrive or rely on customer ratings? Choose among different taxi companies and select the ride you want based on your preferences!

The 02 Taksi app lets your easily select a low-emission vehicle or an electric car. What’s more, we offset all the emissions of the rides booked through the app. The 02 Taksi app has green tyre tracks!

If you specify your pickup address and destination, you will always be quoted a fixed price for your ride . You can also pay for your journey in advance in the app, provided that our partner company has enabled in-app payments.

Why is it smart to book a taxi using the 02 Taksi app?

Five great reasons for using the 02 Taksi app: 

  1. Booking with the app is free of charge.
  2. You can compare different taxi companies and choose the one that’s most convenient for you.
  3. If you enter your pickup address and destination, you will always be quoted a fixed price for your ride.
  4. You can track the arrival of your car on a map.
  5. We monitor customer satisfaction and quickly react to feedback.

The app lets you call a 02 Taksi customer service agent in case you need help. The service number 020230 works everywhere in Finland!

Start using the 02 Taksi app in a matter of seconds

Follow these steps:

1. Download the 02 Taksi app from your app store free of charge.
2. Select your preferred sign-in method and sign in.
3. Give the app a try and discover the taxi companies near you!

lataa sovellus app storestaGoogle Play link

Book a taxi – right away or in advance

The taxi app brings both normal taxis and vans at your finger tips. Whether you’re a group of friends heading for a night out or colleagues on your way to a theatre performance, we’ve got you covered.

02 Taksi helps you get to the railway station, cruise terminal or airport, an important meeting or any other occasion or location. The app gives you a time estimate for the arrival of your ride and helps you avoid any unpleasant fare-related surprises.

If it’s raining cats and dogs, you can follow the arrival of your car on a map without having to go outside. This will also help you avoid any unnecessary waiting time charges.

02 Taksi is a reliable channel when you need a taxi at a certain date at a certain time.

Prebooking a taxi is an excellent way of saving time and ensuring you have a lift every time you need to catch a red-eye flight or an early train.

The app allows you to prebook a taxi a maximum of 7 days and a minimum of 30 minutes before the pickup time.

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