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02 Taksi provides service in the Tampere area 24/7, 365 days a year and lets you choose your preferred taxi based on the best price, time of arrival or customer rating.

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Tampere taxis in one place

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All Tampere taxis in one place

Taxis are often used in the corporate world, as they are a quick, easy and convenient way of moving from one meeting to the next. They also save you the trouble of finding a parking space or worrying about parking fees.

On your day off, a taxi can take you to a museum or transport your whole family to the Särkänniemi amusement park. A taxi can also give you a comfortable lift to the airport, away from the city centre.

If you need to catch an early flight, you can safely sleep a bit longer in the morning knowing that you don’t need to worry about public transport timetables. If you want to further ensure a care-free journey, book your taxi in advance.

Prebook a taxi

If you have an important meeting to attend, prebooking your taxi is a great idea. You can quickly and easily book a taxi in advance over the phone or by using our app.

Whether you’re going out with your colleagues or coming home from your friend’s birthday party, using a taxi is a convenient and safe way to navigate the bustling nightlife of Tampere.

While queueing at a taxi stand is the traditional method of catching a taxi, you can now have all your options available to you right on your mobile device as well. By using the app or calling 020230, you can quickly and easily book a taxi from reliable taxi companies wherever you are.

An easy way to book a taxi

You can also give us a call at 020230 and let our customer service help you find the ride that’s right for you. No matter where you are in Finland, you can always reach 02 Taksi by phone, using the same number every time.

When you book a taxi through our app or by calling our telephone service, you get an estimated time of arrival, plus a link for tracking your ride in real-time. What’s more, by providing your destination in advance, you will get a binding fixed price for your booking. Both the app and our telephone service will let you know the colour, make and registration number of your car, so that you can easily identify your ride.

The service will also conveniently connect you with the vans in Tampere whenever you’re travelling in a group or have lots of luggage.

The 02 Taksi app works in the entire Pirkanmaa region and covers up to 95% of Finns in total.

Our professional and friendly customer service at 020230 will help you find and book a taxi anywhere in Finland around the clock, all year round.

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