Taxis in Turku

The 02 Taksi service brings you reliable local taxi companies in one convenient service. You can compare various taxis based on their price, the arrival time of the car and customer ratings.

Order through the app

Call 020230

1,91 €/per call + 0,059 €/sec (lnc/mpc)

Order by phone

1,91 €/per call + 0,059 €/sec (lnc/mpc)

Turku taxis in one place

Taksi Länsi-Suomi

Taxi fares in Turku


Turku taxis in one place

Forget about struggling to find phone numbers for taxi companies and trying to get a ride during rush hour – use 02 Taksi app and you’ll know what to expect and when to expect it. Prebooking a taxi is also possible through the service.

Alternatively, you can call the 02 Taksi service number at 020230. Our experienced customer service is available round the clock to assist you. Our agents can either reserve your preferred ride for you or directly connect you to a taxi.

020230 is a nation-wide booking number that lets you book a taxi anywhere in Finland regardless of your location.

Taking you straight to where you want to be

The drivers of 02 Taksi’s partner companies know their operating area like the back of their hand. They know their way around the city centre as well as Portsa, Hirvensalo, Suikkila, Kakskerta and anywhere in between.

Take the fastest and most direct route from one place to another, and benefit from all the known shortcuts during rush hour. Whether you’re headed for your hotel, be it Holiday Club Caribia next to the Student Village or Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel by the Aura River, you can feel confident about comfortably reaching your destination.

Care-free travels – prebook your taxi

Public transport runs its own schedule, and sometimes you have to get where you need to be without fear of being late. Whether you’re going to the Turku Airport, the main railway station on Ratapihankatu or the Kupittaa railway station, the quickest and easiest route to your destination is on board a taxi reserved exclusively for you.

If you’re on a schedule, booking a taxi at the last minute is usually not a good idea. You can ensure the availability of a car at a specific time by making a prebooking, however. You can easily prebook your taxi either with the 02 Taksi app or by calling 020230.

Take charge of your journey – enjoy a comfortable and stress-free ride

The 02 Taksi app gives you more options for making your bookings since you can select your taxi yourself. While some people like to find the most competitive price for their journey, others value a five-star customer experience. A fixed price can also be selling point, and we give it to you as long as you state your destination when making your booking. What is more, we give you the opportunity to track the arrival of your car using our map feature. Need a van? 02 Taksi’s got you covered!

Our telephone service is also designed to make booking a taxi easier – one number will connect you with all the taxis in the city area.

Download the 02 Taksi app free of charge or save the number 020230 on your phone to have all the taxis in the Turku area at your fingertips when you need them.


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