02 Taksi Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (”Terms”) apply to services related to ordering a taxi and relaying of the said order (”Service” or ”Services”), provided by 02 Taksi Oy (Joukahaisenkatu 1, 20520 Turku, later ”02 Taksi”), offered in the territory of Finland. By using the Services the user (”User”) accepts these Terms and agrees to be bound by them. User may use the Services via telephone and via the internet- and mobile applications (”02 Online Channel”) offered by 02 Taksi.


02 Taksi acts as the relaying party for taxi orders between User and partners providing taxi services (”Partner”) . Partners are taxi service providers, independent from 02 Taksi.

By ordering a taxi via the Services the User makes a binding order on a taxi service. Consumer customer does not have the right to cancel the Service according to the consumer protection legislation. Due to the Services having been completed or started with User’s acceptance before the end of the cancellation period, the User does not have the right to cancel the order.

After receiving an order from User, 02 Taksi shall relay the order to the selected Partner. Upon the Partner accepting the order by a text message or other notification, a binding agreement on the purchase of the Partner’s taxi service is formed between the User and the Partner (”Agreement”). 02 Taksi is not a party to this Agreement. Cancellation of the Agreement before the fulfilment of the taxi service must be agreed upon between the User and the Partner. 02 Taksi shall use its best efforts to connect Users to Partners but can not guarantee the availability of taxi services. Especially during peak hours (public holidays and their eves, other special seasons) taxi services may be congested.

Price and Payment of Services

02 Taksi charges standard fees for the Service, according to its price list. Price list for phone calls is available at https://02taksi.fi/english/book-a-taxi/. The price for the taxi service is based on the chosen Partner’s price list. During orders by phone 02 Taksi informs the User of the Partner’s pricing principles according to regulations in law. Partner charges the price of the taxi service according to its own practices. 02 Taksi provides the User an estimated price for the taxi service upon request, if one is available. Providing a price estimate is subject to the User providing information about the starting point and destination of the journey. If the starting point and destination are not disclosed, 02 Taksi may provide the User with pricing principles upon request. A Partner may apply an additional surcharge to pre-ordered taxi services according to its own price list, payable to the Partner in connection with payment of the taxi service.

Time Estimates

02 Taksi relays the arrival time estimate from a Partner to the User in connection with confirming the order, if one is available. Arrival time estimate is solely an estimate, the accuracy of which can not be guaranteed. The correctness of the estimate is affected by e.g. traffic conditions, traffic congestions and weather conditions. 02 Taksi or Partner shall not be liable for the correctness or inaccuracy of the arrival time estimate or any cost or loss to the User caused by the same.

Special Requests and Needs

When ordering via phone, the User may make special request about the taxi service, e.g. related to the size or accessories of the vehicle, transporting pets or the need for children’s safety seats. 02 Taksi shall use its best efforts to take these User’s special requests into account when relaying an order to a Partner. Partner shall fulfil any special requests on its own account and 02 Taksi can not guarantee fulfilment of requests or availability of additional services.

02 Taksi provides services also to Users with limited mobility or functionality. Special requests related to Users with limited mobility or functionality may only be received and relayed to Partners on orders made in advance.

02 Online Channel

Use of the 02 Online Channel requires a working internet connection, the use of which on mobile devices may incur cost for the User for data transfers according to the price list of the User’s operator. If orders through the 02 Online Channel are made to an address based on the locating functionality of the User’s device, the User must check the correctness of the address. The price possibly indicated in the 02 Online Channel is based on information provided by the Partner. 02 Taksi is not liable for the correctness of the price estimate in the 02 Online Channel.

The Service uses the locating functionality of the User’s device to provide search results near the User’s location. The User may also use the Service without locating functionality. Locating functionality can be switched off from device settings to prevent the Service having access to the User’s location. User’s location information is usually processed on a one-time basis and stored only for the period required to provide the location -based Services. Additional information on the use of personal data can be found from the 02 Taksi Privacy Policy.

02 Taksi Mobile Application

In case the Service is used via the mobile application provided by 02 Taksi (”Application”), these Terms constitute the terms of agreement between 02 Taksi and the User regarding the use of the Application. Mobile platform provider (Apple, Android, Huawei) is not a party to this agreement and is in no way liable for the Application, its functionality, maintenance or technical support. If the User does not agree to these Terms, the User is not entitled to use the Application.

02 Taksi grants the User a personal license to use the Application on his or her device according to these Terms, which is not exclusive or transferable to a third party. The User does not have the right to copy, distribute or commercially exploit the Application or any of its parts in any way. The license is valid until further notice and the User may terminate the agreement regarding the use of the Application at any time by deleting the Application from his or her device. 02 Taksi has the right to revoke your license if there is reason to believe that the Application is used in violation of these Terms, the law or in contrary to accepted principles of morality. The User is not entitled to 1) copy, modify or change, sublicense or resell or in any other way commercially exploit the Application or its parts or his/her personal license to use; 2) intentionally provide false information required to use the Application; 3) circumvent any use- or access rights of the Application; 4) reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise acquire the source code of the Application.

The Application, its content and appearance are protected by copyright laws and other applicable legislation. All rights to the Application and its content belong to 02 Taksi or its licensors, for which the User is not granted any other rights than the ones specifically defined in these Terms. The mobile platform provider is not liable for any third party claim that the Application or the User’s possession or use of the Application infringes that third party’s intellectual property rights, for which 02 Taksi shall be solely liable.

The user of the Application represents and warrants that he/she is not subject to any sanctions by the United States of America or the European Union. The mobile platform provider is entitled to enforce these Terms against the user of the Application.

02 Taksi is providing the Application to the User on an ”as-is” -basis. 02 Taksi does not warrant that the Application is fit for the User’s intended purpose or that it works on all operating systems or devices.

Data Protection

02 Taksi collects, processes and transfers Users’ personal data to Partners for the purpose of providing the Services according to these Terms and the Privacy Policy. For the provision of Services, the following information is submitted to the Partners: User’s name, User’s phone number, address of the starting point, address of the destination and information on possible special requests. By using the Service the User accepts that the data included in the order, including the personal data, is used and submitted to the Partner.

Service Breaks and Disruptions

02 Taksi uses its best efforts to keep the Services and the Application available to the Users at all times and without interruptions. 02 Taksi has the right to temporarily suspend the Services, if it is deemed necessary for a technical change or update or for other installation-, modification or maintenance purposes. 02 Taksi endeavours to keep any service breaks as short as possible and to scheduled them to such a period and in such a way as to cause as little disturbance as possible. Any occurring service breaks or disruptions will mainly be remedied during the normal working hours of 02 Taksi and as soon as possible.

02 Taksi does not, however, warrant the uninterrupted, timely or faultless operation of the Application or the Services. 02 Taksi or its licensors shall in no event be liable for any damage to any software used or any information contained in such software, including security risks (viruses, data breaches etc.).

Defects, Liabilities and Customer Feedback

Partner shall be solely liable for the taxi service according to the Agreement and Partner’s own terms of service shall apply. In case there are defects or difficulties in the taxi service performed according to the Agreement, the User may contact the Partner who is a party to the Agreement directly.

02 Taksi is not liable for the Partner’s obligations under the Agreement. 02 Taksi’s obligations are limited to the act of relaying the order from the User to the Partner. 02 Taksi relays orders to the Partners according to the information provided by the User and 02 Taksi shall not be liable for the fulfilment of orders made with incorrect address- or contact details. All orders received via phone are recorded. To the fullest extent permitted by law, 02 Taksi limits and disclaims its liability for all indirect damages, such as loss of income, loss of profit, loss of data and other monetary loss or consequential damage. To the fullest extent permitted by law, 02 Taksi’s total aggregate liability for any claim under these Terms is limited to 1000 euros.

Nothing in this agreement shall be deemed to limit the statutory rights of consumers.

Any feedback on the taxi services performed by the Partners should be referred directly to the Partner. 02 Taksi welcomes any customer feedback concerning 02 Taksi’s Services at https://02taksi.fi/yhteydenotto/

Validity of Terms

These terms shall remain valid for as long as the User continues to use the Services. 02 Taksi may modify these Terms. Currently valid Terms can be found at 02 Taksi’s web page and in the Application. The Terms shall remain valid in their entirety, regardless if a part of them is found to be invalid or unenforceable to any extent.

The Service may include links and connections to third party web sites. These third party services or third party applications are subject to the terms of use or any other terms of the third party in question. 02 Taksi does not warrant and is not liable for any of these third party web sites and has not approved their content or privacy policies.

Force Majeure shall release 02 Taksi from any obligation or liability related to the Service, if it prevents or unreasonably hinders any performance related to the Service or its part. Force majeure events include fire, earthquake, flood, explosion, strike or other rest period of work, an order of an authority, disruption in regard of power supply, shortages in raw materials or other materials, war, disruption of cable or telecommunication network caused by an external actor or other cause that has not been known and could not have been reasonably foreseen in advance. Provided that notification is possible, 02 Taksi notifies without delay of a force majeure event on the web site of the Service after its occurrence.

Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

The Services provided according to these Terms are offered within the territory of Finland and are governed by Finnish law. If you are a consumer customer residing within the EU, the statutory consumer protection legislation in force in your country of residence can not be deviated from to your disadvantage. Any dispute arising from these Terms shall be resolved in the District Court of Helsinki. However, a consumer customer can always bring a claim and be a defendant in the district court having jurisdiction over the place of residence of the customer. Consumer Users can also utilize the Online Dispute Resolution service provided by the European Commission. The service is available at ec.europa.eu. As a consumer residing in Finland you can refer a dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board for resolution (instructions available at kuluttajariita.fi and kuluttajaneuvonta.fi).

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